For Sale: Two XFX Geforce 6800GS 256meg video cards

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For Sale: Two XFX Geforce 6800GS 256meg video cards

Postby Atomic Fusion » Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:05 pm

I've got two mint condition Geforce 6800GS video cards available that I bought about a year ago... They've seen very little use (not that it matters very much). I don't know if they still sell these cards or not but it's a fantastic card with 256 megs of ram and will run pretty much any modern game smooth as hell, and if you SLI them together they are an absolute machine...

I am looking to get $165 US shipped per card or I'll take $310 shipped for both at once. If I can only sell one I will probably sell neither.

e-mail me at or leave a message here if interested.

Found something better.
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