my CD-R has "hidden" tracks on it!?

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my CD-R has "hidden" tracks on it!?

Postby kevox » Thu May 11, 2006 9:42 pm

but how is this even possible????

So I burned it like a month ago and the first time I put it into my Panasonic mp3 deck, it took at least 30 secs to load (and it has like 17 songs on it). It still takes this long today; yet it takes no more than 10 seconds for other mp3 discs. I used Windows XP to burn it (windows explorer, copy the music files into the empty E: drive, and then tell it to "burn these files" onto the CD-RW that I inserted. It didn't even ask me what format I wanted; it just burned them as mp3's. Now here is what really confuses me. I get off work today and start up the car, and an Eminem song that I certainly did not put on that CD is the first thing I hear!!! So I'm like, "WHAT, did someone secretly take my car out for a spin today or somethin?!" and so I take it out and put it back in and BAM, no more Eminem no matter which track I switch too:confused: So I take it home and put it in the computer and here's what I see in Media Player...

*insert tracks 1-17 here*
*insert computer user name 'bumpinyotrunk' here*
*insert sub-folder of 'My Documents' here*
*insert My Music here*
*insert My Received Files here*
And My Received Files has a few songs I didn't ever wanna burn plus some excursion vids plus an audio clip from the Simpsons which I also never inteneded to burn. And let's not forget that My Music has that one Eminem song that peaked its little head out today in it in addition to 8 (yes EIGHT!!!) other albums I had no idea were on there!

Now my question is: if these are all mp3 files, why in the world won't my Panasonic mp3 deck read that they're there, with the slim excpetion of the one song today????????????????????????????????? I've even listened to this CD in my home dvd player and these other files never showed up!
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Postby John » Fri May 12, 2006 8:03 pm

They might be mis-labeled/formatted/crap that won't read...regardless, just get a better program/etc...

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