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Postby nismo » Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:47 am

Well, my thinking on the ping is that the injectors are a bit clogged and running lean at certain points. The new injectors have a better pattern and atomization, so it would seem to me the computer would pull less timing with the new injectors. 034 7A injector upgrade
034Motorsport wrote:Complete 7a to EFI injector conversion kit, includes adaptors and new injectors in balanced set of 5. An exact match for the stock Hitachi injectors, but more consistent flow and better atomization. Dyno proven 5 wheel HP increase over stock Hitachi injectors, stock off throttle and idle, 12.5:1 a/f under WOT power, completely transforms the powerband. We recommend this upgrade not only for maintenence repair but for performance with an estimated 7-8hp flywheel HP increase across the RPM band.

I did refer to it as a ping in the last post, but really I know that the knock sensors are picking up on it and pulling timing...I can feel a difference in the amount of power that it has.

Am I on the right track here at all, or still way off base?


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